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There’s no job too big or too small for us to take on.

Dirt Work

Summary of our dirt work services:

  • If it involves moving dirt in ANY WAY we will move it for you.

  • We specialize in building pads or preparing the dirt work to build buildings (for commercial or residential homes)

  • We do new ponds, as well as repair and clean existing ponds.

  • We till gardens!

  • We provide trench work for electrical lines.

Heavy Equipment Operation

Summary of our heavy equipment operation services:

  • From track hoe to dozer work, we have skilled operators to get your job done.

  • We use dozers during the creation of building pads, as well as when we go through and clean a property (level it out).

  • We can clear out big rocks for a ranch or prepare land for a commercial property.

  • We build roadways.

  • Footing creation for building sites.

Building Pads

Summary of our building pad services:

  • If you need to build a building, we will get the ground ready for your foundation.

  • We provide RV pad or RV park pad preparation.

  • We will cut all the roadways, putting them on the correct elevation.

  • Our team grades the entire property so that the water drains correctly. 

  • We build different types of building pads with different materials due to the typography of the location to promote long-term durability. We are very familiar with different methods that are recommended for different building sites. 

Clearing Property

Summary of our clearing property services:

  • We will clear trees, brush, and anything you want removed from your property.

  • Many times, with these types of projects we are asked to either burn the brush (if permitted), or to haul the brush and trees off to dumpsters. If available, we always recommend that our team dig a pit and put the brush in it and burn it. This acts as a firewall (controlled burn). 

  • We always check the areas with local officials (fire department, police) so that we have their permission. 

Brush Hogging

Summary of our brush hogging services:

  • If you have a field that needs mowing, we have you covered.

  • We use tractors with mowers to cover many acres at a time. 

  • Contact our Team for highway mowing. 

Box Blade Work

Summary of our box blade services:

  •  From leveling yards to final grades, we will get your property ready for sod or seed.

  • Our Team does the final touches on a property before it is ready for use. 

Gravel Drives

Summary of our gravel drive services:

  • We can install a brand new gravel drive – or refresh your current gravel drive.

  • We level the area and haul in fresh gravel for your designated area. 

  • If your gravel drive has potholes and is worn down, contact us to refresh the driveway for a safer and more pleasant experience!

Building Ponds

Summary of our pond building services:

  • If you need a pond built for your livestock or a fishing pond… or any pond, we provide services to build your pond and have it set up for any season. All grated.

Clearing Snow

Summary of our snow-clearing services:

  • Have our number ready to clear your parking lot when the first snow hits!

  • Our Team keeps your business open when the snow starts flying. We run 24 hours a day when it is snowing. 

  • We service any commercial property (banks, churches, grocery store, office building, car dealership) and more!

  • Call us to get things set up before the snow flies. That way we can put you in our schedule so you know you’re taken care of. 

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